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Hit the Trail

The Potomac Appalachian Trail Club, in cooperation with REI, is offering a free patch and rockers to recognize successful hikes of the rugged Tuscarora Trail.  The patch and rockers are available to both thru hikers and section hikers.  Here's how you can earn the patches:

Thru Hikers:  Hikers who complete a thru hike of the Tuscarora Trail will receive a free Tuscarora Trail patch and five patch rockers; four rockers for each state through which the trail passes and one that identifies the hiker as a "250 Miler".

Section Hikers:  Section hikers earn the Tuscarora Trail patch and the applicable state rocker upon completing the trail in any of four states.  A section hiker can earn all the state rockers in any order and upon finishing the entire trail, the hiker is eligible to receive the "250 Miler" rocker.

The process to receive the patch and rockers is simple:  Describe in an e-mail the itinerary followed to complete the thru hike or specific state and send it to Please include a mailing address.

PATC Tuscaror Trail patch and rocker bars
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