Updates on the Tuscarora Trail

Section 4 (10/21/19):

Section 4 is now OPEN following flagged detours around spring storm damage in the area from Second Narrows Road to Hemlock Road in the Tuscarora State Forest.  Intermittent trail closures for timber salvage operations are still expected.  Hikers wishing to access this section of the trail should contact the state forest office for current conditions at 717-536-3191 before heading out.

The Tuscarora Trail: A Guide to the North Half  5th ed.  2013, Sections 8 and 9:

The Tuscarora Trail has been closed near the south end of section 8/north end of section 9 where Forge Road crosses Little Cove Creek. The road on the southbound side of the creek is now private land and the owners do not want trespassers following the old route. No Trespassing signs have been posted. Please respect the landowners rights and follow the new blazes. Southbound hikers should leave Furnace Road at Pennsylvania route 456 and not continue across 456 to Forge Road. Turn right on route 456 and go south 0.4 miles to the first side road which is Mill Drive. Turn left and follow Mill Drive across the bridge over Little Cove Creek to where the road meets the Tuscarora Trail. Be careful to not miss the turn-off. This is just before the junction of Mill Drive, Forge Road, and Indian Springs Road. Turn right and resume following the trail southbound. Northbound hikers should stop following the Tuscarora Trail at Mill Drive just north of where the trail crosses into Pennsylvania. Turn left onto Mill Drive. This is near the junction of Mill Drive, Forge Road, and Indian Springs Road. Don't follow the latter roads. Continue on Mill Drive across the bridge over Little Cove Creek to where the road meets Pennsylvania route 456. Turn right on route 456 and go 0.4 miles north to where it meets Furnace Road and the currently blazed route. Turn left on Furnace Road and resume following the trail.

The Tuscarora Trail: A Guide to the South Half  6th ed.  2016

Section 14 - GAINESBORO (Note that Gainesboro is misspelled in the heading on top of pages 67-71)

Page 68– Detailed Trail Data,

From North to South.


0.0 Siler VA,  At intersection of Route 690 and Route 600, Turn right onto Route 600 (Brush Creek Road)

0.6 Turn left on Route 689 (Adams Road)

3.2 Basor Ridge Shelter parking on Left.

4.6 Turn right onto Route 600 (Siler Road)  (The original mileage in the guidebook at this point was 5.2)




Page 74–Parking

2. South end of section at Loman Branch side trail. Go 14 miles west of Winchester on US 50. Turn south on WV 259, Carpers Pike. Go 7.5 miles on Carpers Pike to WV 23/3 (Back Creek Road). Turn l eft 0.3 mile and pass Shiloh Church. Turn left at the corner of the cemetery. Go 0.65 mile.Turn sharply left. There is limited parking along the side of the road here. The white blazed trail coming down from the Tuscarora comes in from the southeast, straight ahead from Lucas Woods. The trail turns right onto a dirt/gravel narrow road.


Section 17 – COUNTY LINE


Pages 85-86 -Parking

2. At Hawk Campground. Water is available here. Hikers can connect with the Tuscarora approximately 2 miles away at Dry Gap.


Page 89–Picture

Tuscarora Trail no longer goes by Hawk Run.


Section 18 – SUGAR KNOB


Page 92-Parking

2.Cedar Creek. Leave I-81 at Exit 291, Toms Brook. Go northwest 1.4 miles on Route 651, Mt. Olive Road, to Route 623, Back Road. Take Back Road, southwest 4.2 miles to Route 600, Zepp Road. (It is Saumsville Road to the left.) Go right on Zepp Road, over Fetzer Gap 4.3 miles to Route 603, Van Buren Road. Take Van Buren Road, southwest. (At fork with Route 713 keep left. Both forks are Route 713.) Pa ss ruins of Van Buren Furnace at 0.7 mile. Go another 2.1 miles past ruins to shoulder parking near intersection of FR 1725 on right and FR 1718 on left. Continue walking 0.5 mile southwest on Cedar Creek Trail, yellow-blazed, to the intersection with the Tuscarora Little North Mountain Trail. Go north, right, on the trail.


3. Fetzer Gap. Leave I-81 at Exit 291, Toms Brook. Go Northwest 1.4 miles on Route 651, Mt. Olive Road, to Route 623, Back Road. Take Back Road southwest 4.2 miles to Route 600, Zepp Road. Go right on Zepp Road to top of mountain, Fetzer Gap, where it intersects with Tuscarora Trail. There is parking for only one or two cars on the south side of road. North side of road is private property.


Section 19 – FETZER GAP


Page 103–N to S, Detailed Trail Data


3.3 Cross Harrisville Road (Route 655) and continue on Swartz Road; follow several twists and turns of this gravel road. Pass winery on left.


Page 104–S to N, Detailed Trail Data


2.8 Cross Harrisville Road.

3.0 Turn left with Swartz Road at intersection.

3.3 Return to original text.




Page 109–N to S, Detailed Trail Data


0.9 Turn right as trail strikes FR 650. Trail parallels FR 650.

1.3 Pass cemetery on right.

1.4 Cross Jordan Run on low water bridge and park maintenance building on left. (Structure to left on slight knoll beyond playing field has seasonally open restrooms).

Return to Original text at 1.9.




Page 118–N to S, Detailed Trail Data

0.1 After crossing vehicle bridge over Passage Creek, pass picnic pavilion on left, pit toilets on right. Continue to where trail turns left across open area.

0.2 Stonework remains of Elizabeth Furnace. Continue downstream.

0.3 Trail splits left, with “Pig Iron Trail” going right.

0.5 Cross small stream on footbridge.

Return to original text.


Page 123 , S to N, Detailed Trail Data

14.8 Pass stonework remains of Elizabeth Furnace. Take right fork at trail split from “Pig Iron Trail.”

14.9 Park picnic pavilion on right. At paved park road turn right, pit toilets on left. Follow road, cross vehicle bridge over Passage Creek.

15.0 Return to original text - Just before start of parking lot, turn left for 40 feet to paved Route 678. End of Section 21. Tuscarora Bear Wallow Trail enters woods across road.

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