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Blue-Blazed Blues (Ode to the Tuscarora Trail)
So you planned yourself a little hike,
But you didn't get the news.
You left your home a happy man,
And now you've got them blue-blazed blues.
Well, you didn't see no flora,
And you didn't see no bears.
Some say it's called Tuscarora,
But to you, it's the mean ol' Trail of Tears.
'Cuz, your clothes are ripped and ragged, 
And your body, just one big bruise,
You ankle's a twisted pretzel,
Now you done got them blue-blazed blues.
Your poles are bent and broken,
And your feet just need a soak.
It can no longer remain unspoken
How this trail is a cruel and nasty joke.
You scream, 'fix this trail and close it off!'
And you think, 'what's a hiker to do!?'
'Cuz anytime you try and take a walk,
You get them low down blue-blazed blues.
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